7 Benefits of the New Square Bottle from Disruptive Drinkware

Have you considered purchasing the new square bottle from Disruptive Drinkware? If you haven’t, then you should start right now. This innovative square bottle promises to substantially shake up the status quo in hydration bottles. The special square body is just one of the features you will love. The Disruptive Drinkware square bottle is ideal for outdoor adventures such as hiking and camping. In addition, this bottle proves to serve travelers and people with an active lifestyle. Furthermore, there are several advantages you will enjoy once you purchase this extraordinary bottle. Keep scrolling if you are ready for a list of delightful benefits of owning one of these bottles.

1. It Keeps Drinks At Optimum Temperatures

On a hot summer’s day, you look forward to taking a sip of cold refreshing water. It is why you even add ice cubes in the water to keep it cool throughout the day. But, unfortunately, after sitting on your desk or car, the temperatures cause the bottle to warm up. So what was once a cool drink becomes an unpleasant warm beverage. This is a problem with single-wall bottles, aluminum bottles, plastic bottles, copper bottles, and glass bottles, and even double-wall bottles.

On cold nights during a camping trip, something similar happens. You heat a beverage, store it in the bottle for drinking at night to keep you warm. Unfortunately, you meet a cooled-down drink.

The square bottle solves both of these problems thanks to the triple-wall technology in the construction. It has three layers for better insulation. Therefore, it keeps drinks at optimum temperatures without showing signs of sweating or warmth on the surface.

2. It Provides A Hard Durable Surface

If you have owned a water bottle before, you probably know that plastic is not the most durable material. Glass can easily break, and plastic is more robust, but it is also prone to breaking. Unfortunately, this means potential damage to your bottle whenever you travel, go hiking, camping, or even just go to the office.

You need a water bottle that can sustain the daily challenges of everyday use. This new square bottle is made with a food-grade stainless steel inner wall which is the first wall. The second wall comes when the inner wall is covered from top to bottom with copper and the space between the copper and the outer wall is vacuum-sealed. And finally, the outer wall (third wall) is also made of stainless steel and is covered with Freddy’s Outer Wall Tough Technology. The outer wall comes in different grades of steel thickness. We believe that our bottle outer wall is the thickest, toughest of them all. Therefore we know the most desired temperature and the thickness and toughest of the outer wall plus the copper makes the bottle a few ounces heavier but is very important at retaining your drink’s temperature and preventing damage to the bottle.

3. It Is Quiet

Have you ever used a metal water bottle before? If you haven’t, then you should know that they can be noisy. Placing a metal bottle on a surface makes some noise. Additionally, when they fall, they are louder than other bottles.

This can be an inconvenience when you are at the library or in a shared workspace. Nobody likes a noisy neighbor. This new square bottle has the Freddy’s Noise Dampening Slide Resistant Silicone Bottom design that ensures you are not among the noisemakers. It has a durable silicone base that drowns out most sounds when it comes in contact with a surface.

4. It Has A Handy Carrying Handle

Some people love the big bottles because they are active water drinkers. However, they have to deal with the fact that it is harder to carry. Additionally, some water bottle designs do not facilitate portability. There is nothing to hold on to, making it harder to carry on days you do not have a bag.

With this new bottle, you will enjoy a comfortable, handy handle to help with portability. The bottle comes with a carrying handle meant to fit your palm, not your finger/s and it’s made with durable materials to help you carry the bottle. The handle is also strong for personal comfort.

5. It is excellent for the environment

Currently, 50 billion single-use plastic water bottles are used in America every year. Yes, 50 billion. And in 10 years, that’s 500 billion. And in just 20 short years, that’s over ONE TRILLION. Where are they going to go? According to most researchers, only 7-10% of Americans recycle. It’s a discussion that must start now. Plastic is not biodegradable. All this leads to waste.

In this conversation, no one talks about on their websites how to solve the problem or comes up with a solution for the 50 billion yearly consumption of plastic bottles. They sell bottles. What good is it in reducing the 50 billion yearly bottles if we take a cold plastic bottle out of the fridge, pour it on our stainless steel bottle? It’s still a single water bottle purchase. So one of Fred’s personal goals is to expand the availability of fill stations from schools, college campuses, office buildings, factories as well throughout the country. THEN WE START REDUCING THE USE OF SINGLE-USE WATER PLASTIC BOTTLES.

6. It is non-slip/roll

Bottles tip over and fall all the time especially when they are empty. Someone could knock it over or shake the table too much, and your bottle will fall and roll away. Not only is it an inconvenience, but the bottle could sustain damage, and you will be shopping for a new one in no time. However, with this new square bottle, you do not have to worry about this.

First, it is essential to recognize that the bottle has a square shape. So even if it falls or tips over, it is not going anywhere; square shapes don’t roll! Next, the base comes with silicone material. This helps to grip any surface better, lessening the chances of tipping over, especially when it is empty.

7. It is healthier for you

Finally, this bottle is healthier for you. Polycarbonate plastic contains Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical compound harmful to your health. Some manufacturers produce water bottles from this type of plastic. When exposed to the sun, this and other chemicals leach into the water.

With time, it will affect your health negatively. Using a stainless steel container ensures that you do not come in contact with any harmful chemicals. Therefore, this bottle will keep you healthier than plastic bottles.