Dear fellow Innovators, Change-makers, and Disruptors,

I launched Disruptive Drinkware with the mission to expand offerings in the reusable water bottle category. With sustainability and environmental responsibility in sight, I believed that if our company made a stand-out bottle that innovated form and elevated function, we would attract a buyer from the world of disposable bottles; thus, fostering a further reduction in single-use plastic consumption worldwide. It’s time for a fresh look. In my 50 years retail experience, namely running, scaling, and ultimately selling the Smith Food and Drug grocery chain, I’ve never encountered a more exciting venture. I am delighted every time I see our collection enter a new retailer, a team store, sports bag, purse, or golf cart. We are made with integrity, built with passion, and our customers enjoy the breath of fresh air we bring to the reusable bottle category. Not only are we making an impact by ridding the environment of single-use plastic bottles, one hydrated consumer at a time, but we put our money where our mouth is in terms of contributions beyond environmental sustainability. Our bottles are brilliant, but their impact positively affects the people and lives around us. I’m proud to partner with the Dee and Ida Foundation and several impactful non-profits that fund causes to sustain the environment and to sustain human life. Disruptive Drinkware bottles look great, work great, and help move the needle in a positive direction. Thank you for supporting our mission and being part of the fantastic journey. Together, we’ll accomplish great things!


Fred Smith CEO & Founder D