Square Disruptive Drinkware: Water Bottle Problems It Solves

So you need to buy another water bottle, but you are already dreading the process? When making this decision, you will suddenly remember all the problems you faced with your previous water bottle. From a leaking lid to breaking upon impact. You may even start to wonder if sticking to disposable plastic bottles is better for your convenience.

No, it’s not. Disposable plastic bottles are polluters that harm the environment. Most of them barely see any recycling, which leads to more demand. The manufacturing process is also brutal on the environment. Every disposable plastic bottle ever made still exists today, and the numbers will rise if we do not make smarter decisions for the environment.

Reusable water bottles have their shortcomings. However, they are better for the environment, especially if you go with a metal one. Therefore, purchasing and using a reusable water bottle is the ideal way to reduce pollution, and it comes with the benefit of convenience to carry different beverages.

As for the shortcomings, you could always find a bottle that works against the common problems of some reusable water bottles. For example, you could consider the new square bottle from Disruptive Drinkware.

This stylish new bottle seeks to solve a lot of problems people commonly face with water bottles. This bottle stands out as the ideal travel, hiking, camping, and fishing bottle by solving these problems. It also serves as a great everyday bottle. Keep reading to find out how this unique bottle will change your entire attitude about reusable bottles.

The Problem Solver

  • Noise. One of the smaller but annoying problems with metal water bottles is that they are noisy. The sound of stainless steel against any surface can be a nuisance in some situations. Such as in the office or at a library. This square bottle solves this because the design features a silicone base. This base makes it less noisy and ideal for every situation.
  • Temperature control. Another problem that you may face with water bottles is that the liquid changes in temperature. If you leave your bottle in the sun, your cold water turns to an unpleasant warmth. Additionally, when camping, your hot beverage may not stay that way through the night. This new bottle has triple-wall technology meaning that it is insulated with three layers. This provides better insulation for your drinks with no sweating or warmth on the surface.
  • Rolling away. This is another common problem with round water bottles. If they tip over, they are more likely to roll away and, in the process, sustain damage. Because the new bottle comes in a unique square shape, it will not roll away. Additionally, thanks to the silicone base, chances of tipping over are minimal. The silicone provides a good grip on any surface.
  • Hard to pack. Another problem with round bottles is that they are harder to pack. The water bottles have no defined edges, so it is harder to pack them in a limited space. The square bottle from Disruptive Drinkware is easier to pack. This compact shape ensures that you can bring the bottle without sacrificing an item out of the bag.
  • Heavy. Reusable water bottles can be heavy, especially metal ones. This is a common problem because the heavier bottles are harder to transport. Most people want a lightweight bottle that is easy to move around with. While it is made from stainless steel, this metal water bottle retains a lightweight nature. It is not as heavy as other bottles since the square bottles use fewer materials.
  • Capacity. Capacity is a problem for some but not others. Some people want bottles with more capacity, while others prefer those with less. Moreover, small-capacity bottles are more popular in the winter, while large-capacity bottles are more popular in summer. The square bottle comes in two capacities to meet both of these needs, 25 oz. and 34 oz.
  • Surface damage. People avoid water bottles because they crack, break and sustain damage easily.Similarly, reusable plastic water bottles made from hard plastic break like glass bottles. The plastic squeeze bottles can also sustain tearing after use. With this square water bottle from disruptive drinkware, you never have to worry about these problems. It is made entirely from stainless steel. Stainless steel is strong, and therefore more resistant against impact. This material even heals itself after a while, should it sustain damage.
  • Portability. Traveling with a water bottle can be inconvenient, especially if it does not fit in your bag. It means you would have to move with it by hand, which can be an inconvenience. Additionally, some water bottles do not have a comfortable carrying port, so you would struggle to transport the bottle. This modern bottle comes with a comfortable carrying strap. This strap is adjustable to fit your needs. You can keep your hands free while staying hydrated on your trip.
  • Leaking. This is probably the worst thing you could experience from a water bottle. Leaking from the lid has more than once ruined the contents of a bag among many users. You have probably experienced this from a previous reusable water bottle. Say goodbye to this problem as this new bottle ensures that you never have to worry about leaking. Your bag could fall, and the bottle could tip over inside, and not a single drop will leave the bottle thanks to the leak-proof lid that comes with every new bottle. And the lid does not loosen with time. It retains the same reliable seal from the first time you bought it.
  • Misplacing. Lastly, if you are prone to misplacing your water bottles, the fun design of this bottle can help with that. Every bottle from Disruptive Drinkware comes with an exterior with bold and bright colors making the bottle easier to identify. Additionally, you can customize the strap and even the bottle lid to make it harder to misplace. And because of its exceptional beauty, you’ll want to keep it close to you to avoid it getting stolen or misplaced.

Disruptive Drinkware Bottle: Benefits of the Triple Wall Technology

When selecting a water bottle for camping, traveling, hiking, or even everyday use, you will come across multiple options. Further research will show you that stainless steel bottles with layered protections and insulation are the best.

Why? For starters, they present zero toxicity. Stainless steel has no toxicity, unlike plastic bottles that may contain bisphenol A. (BPA). BPA is a chemical that, over time, leaches into your drink and causes health problems. But with layers of protection, there are fewer chances of external toxins.

Secondly, layered insulated bottles retain the temperature of the drink. The bottle traps heat or cold between the layers. This allows the drink to remain cold or hotter for longer. This is useful for summer days and winter nights.

Not All Bottles Are Made Equal

It is important to note that not all stainless steel water bottles are the same. Many stainless steel bottles with multiple walls often come with double-wall technology. This means that they have two layers of protection.

This often means that they can keep drinks cold for 24 hours or more. Additionally, they keep beverages hot for 13 hours or so. This is especially beneficial for camping and hiking trips. Plus, it ensures that you stay cool during summer days. However, the innovative design of the new square bottle from Disruptive Drinkware comes with triple wall construction. This design, plus a few other additions to improve insulation, makes it superior to regular stainless steel bottles.

It’s the ultimate outdoor activity bottle. Once you go Drinkware, you never go back.

Benefits of the Triple Wall Technology

The new square bottle from Disruptive Drinkware has Freddy’s Triple Wall technology. This includes three layers of protective material plus vacuum insulation. Keep reading to explore the structure further and learn about its benefits.

1. Thick external wall
The structure features a steel outer wall of stainless steel which is thick and durable. This gives it extra strength to withstand external impact. Therefore, expect excellent resistance to dents.

Additionally, this tough exterior is resistant to scratching thanks to Powder Freddy’s Tough Coat. This coat is durable and helps protect the bottle from scratches and dents.

Should it sustain a few scratches, you do not need to worry. Stainless steel has a fantastic property that allows the bottle to ‘heal’ itself. Therefore, those scratches will disappear with time.

This feature also ensures that the bottle retains the same luster as when it was new. It’s almost like the bottle does not age.

2. Powder coating
Additionally, the powder coat and stainless steel surface give you a non-slip grip on the bottle even when wet. This goes a long way in preventing accidents.

3. Vacuum insulation
Between the first and second layers is a vacuum space. This is what helps retain the temperature of the drink. The vacuum prevents heat from passing through. The walls then act as a barrier to prevent the temperature from escaping.

This bottle will therefore keep your drinks cold or hot for a long time. Additionally, the exterior wall ensures that there’s no condensation. It also prevents the bottle from feeling warm to the touch when holding hot liquids.

4. Copper coating
The second layer is a copper coating, a feature rarely found in stainless steel water bottles with double walls. This layer ensures that the bottle retains the content’s temperature for longer than 24 hours.

The inner copper wall reflects back heat radiation. This greatly reduces heat loss due to radiation. It acts as a heat-insulating layer.

5. Internal stainless steel coating
Finally, there is one more layer of stainless steel that houses the liquid. Unlike aluminum bottles, it does not have a lining. This is because stainless steel is non-toxic and therefore requires no protection for the drink.

This layer keeps your drink fresh. Additionally, it prevents the transfer of flavors, as is the problem with plastic water bottles. These types of bottles retain flavors and smell from previous liquids as you keep using them.

However, stainless steel does not have this problem. Therefore, every sip from this bottle is as refreshing as the last one. Your water will taste like water, and your coffee will taste like coffee. Moreover, the stainless steel interior makes it easy to clean.

Even on camping trips where you have limited access to cleaning supplies, you can rely on this bottle to give you an uncontaminated sip of your drink. A little rinsing with water, and you are good to go. No contaminating smells or flavors. For everyday cleaning, you don’t have to sweat. The bottle is entirely dishwasher safe. You will enjoy effortless maintenance.

The Leak-Proof Lid

While we are on the topic of insulation, it is essential to realize how important a leak-proof lid is. Most people do not realize it, but a weak cap affects the insulating power of the bottle. If it does not seal the bottle completely, it will let out the trapped hot or cool air.

That is why part of the excellent design of the new square Disruptive Drinkware bottle has a secure leak-proof lid. This lid properly seals the bottle, preventing air from escaping. This is just another innovative design to improve the water bottle experience for consumers.

In Conclusion, if you want a stainless steel bottle that stands out from the rest, then you should consider this square water bottle. Disruptive Drinkware took time to craft an incredible bottle that will change the reusable water bottle game. Soon enough, you will see these bottles among regular campers, hikers, and travelers. But it will not end there as people will replace their standard everyday water bottles with this superior option. Just be sure that you don’t pass up the opportunity to improve your experience.


Why a Square Metal Water Flask?

The use of a metal water flask is growing in popularity. They come in various shapes, including oval, round, and square, but their properties are usually the same. They’re made mostly of stainless steel or aluminum, and they’re tough. They also retain less odor and taste from previous contents than most plastic bottles. They can, however, leave a metallic aftertaste on occasion. Metal bottles frequently have a resin or epoxy liner to protect the contents from taste, odor transfer, and corrosion. Although most liners are now free of BPA, older and lower-cost models may still contain the chemical. The use of glass liners is also an option.

Filling aluminum bottles with acidic liquids (such as orange juice) is not recommended because aluminum may leach into the contents. Trace amounts of minerals may leach into the contents of a metal bottle depending on the type of source material and manufacturing process used. Stainless steel bottles without a liner have been known to give their contents a rusty flavor and odor. Bottles made of food-grade stainless steel (grade 304, also known as 18/8) do not retain taste or odor.

Metal (particularly steel) water bottles can be heavier than plastic water bottles. Single-walled metal bottles allow the temperature of their contents to easily transfer to external surfaces, making them unsuitable for unusually hot or cold liquids. In double-walled metal bottles with an external surface that is neither too hot nor too cold, cold liquids will remain cold, and hot liquids will remain hot. Because they contain more metal, double-walled bottles are more expensive. The metal walls are usually vacuum-sealed, but some have solid or gel insulation between them.


  • The cup is made of a heat-resistant material that does not easily fall off—a simple and enjoyable square design. Water leakage is prevented by a spiral square cover with a simple personality.
  • Design is portable, making it easy to transport when traveling or going out.
  • The large capacity of the metal water flask allows enough water or juice to be stored.
  • The durable design is perfect for indoor and outdoor activities, such as in the gym, car, bicycle, backpack, hiking, trekking, hot yoga class, long trip, or the office.
  • It’s easy to drink because the square body prevents rolling, and the wide opening can accommodate ice cubes.
  • It is beautiful, tasteless, and non-toxic, which makes it safe to use.
  • It comes in different colors like red, white, black, pink, yellow and so on.

Qualities of our Square Disruptive Drinkware Metal Water Flask

  • Insulated triple-walled technology design: With no external condensation, the triple-wall construction creates a vacuum between the outside environment and the inside liquid, keeping cold drinks cold for 36+ hours and hot drinks hot for 20+ hours.
  • Free of BPA: BPA is a potentially hazardous chemical used in producing the plastic used in water bottles. The jury is still out on whether it is actually harmful, but to be on the safe side, this is 100% BPA free
  • Single-handed drinking: The click to sip and click to seal technology allows for easy drinking on the go.
  • Easy Carrying: Bring our bottles anywhere with ease. Our 4-finger width Carrying Handle allows for enhanced function in bottle mobility. Interchange the colors, clip it to a bag, carry your reusable bottle with pride!

Advantages of our Disruptive Drinkware Square Metal Water Flask

Metal water bottles are becoming increasingly popular. These are in high demand because of a variety of benefits and advantages for users. These bottles are environmentally friendly and help users avoid the harmful effects of BPA and other toxins.

Are you willing to learn more about the advantages of drinking from a Metal water bottle? Some of the best features of this fantastic bottle are mentioned here:

1. BPA-Free
The absence of BPA is the first and most valuable feature of stainless steel. This bottle was made without the use of any plastic. BPA-containing plastic bottles have caused a slew of health problems for consumers. This is a dangerous chemical that can be found in all kinds of plastic containers. Most plastic bottle manufacturers, without a doubt, use BPA-Free Labels on their products, but scientific studies contradict these claims. In this case, using a stainless steel bottle of water would be the safest option.

2. High Durability
Stainless steel water bottles, unlike most plastic bottles, are extremely durable. The solid structure of these bottles is made of high-quality stainless steel. This material is sturdy and resistant to jerks and shocks. Dropping plastic bottles, mugs, and containers can cause them to break or crack. This is not an issue with stainless steel water bottles. The exterior of these bottles supports the entire structure in the event of an accident. Purchasing a metal water bottle is a long-term investment thanks to its high durability.

3. No leaching of chemicals
Plastic bottles have a risk of chemical leaching. Toxic or chemical leaching from plastic bottles is a widely debated topic. When exposed to sunlight, BPA, for example, leeches down into the fluids. This is why storing plastic bottles at a specific temperature and for a specific Light-Dark period is necessary. Stainless bottles, unlike plastic bottles, are free of toxins, chemicals, and other contaminants. These bottles move around freely. Your stainless steel Water Bottle can go wherever you want, whenever you want. Drinking healthy is now simple.

4. Minimize Pollution
Plastic contributes to the accumulation of waste. In the oceans, there are huge waste islands. This results in environmental pollution and loss of aquatic organisms. This is why most experts advise using environmentally friendly plastic bottle alternatives such as stainless steel or glass bottles. When compared to glass water bottles, stainless steel water bottles are more appealing in this regard. You can save a lot of money yearly and help the environment by using a single stainless steel bottle.

5. Leak-proof and puncture-resistant
Both of these features are necessary for long-term users. In this case, plastic bottles are unreliable. Stainless steel water bottles have a leak-proof design that allows users to carry the bottle in their hands, handbag, or backpack. On the other hand, most reusable bottles deteriorate after repeated use. Dishwashing reusable bottles, for example, cause dents or cracks in the structure. To avoid this problem, you should use a puncture-resistant stainless steel bottle.

6. Good Insulation
The ability of most stainless steel bottles to keep their temperature is excellent. These bottles are lined with high-quality insulation that keeps the contents hot or cold for longer.

7. Easy Cleaning
When it comes to drinks, hygiene is crucial. Mold, fungus, and bacteria are inevitable in reusable bottles. . However, these thrive more in reusable plastic bottles. The mold will remain inside the reusable plastic bottles no matter how thoroughly you clean them. This is why reusing these bottles poses such a significant health risk. The stainless steel Water Bottles, on the other hand, have a wide opening that is covered by a lid with a straw. This allows for dual functionality. It allows users to drink water through a straw without having to open the lid. On the other hand, bacteria and other molds are unable to enter the bottle. Because this bottle is dishwasher safe, proper cleaning is simple.

Because they are environmentally friendly, durable, safe, and easy to clean, square metal steel water bottles are a great substitute to plastic water bottles. Among the many desirable features available on the steel are special caps, cool colors, carrying straps, and unique shapes. You can even get a personalized bottle if you want. Learn more about it here!


Unique Ways to Clean your Metal Water Bottle

Metal water bottles are an environmentally friendly way of staying hydrated. They cost-effectively transport liquids while offering better durability than plastic and glass bottles. If you go with stainless steel, you will also enjoy a self-healing process that ensures that your bottle remains looking good as new.

However, like other bottles, it is important to keep them clean and smelling fresh at all times. With neglect, stainless steel water bottles could start to smell and affect the taste of beverages. Also, proper cleaning will keep unwanted bacteria from resting on the mouth and cap of the bottle. Therefore, if you want to clean your metal water bottle effectively, keep reading and follow these simple steps.

Cleaning The Exterior

The exterior of your water bottle will probably come in contact with the most germs. Therefore, it will need regular cleaning. If you clean it daily, it’s even better for your health. When cleaning the exterior of the bottle, however, you have to ensure that you do not dent or use harsh chemicals that may affect your health.

Cleaning with white vinegar is an effective way of disinfecting the exterior of the bottle opening. This amazing cleaning agent has a level of acidity that can cut through grease, dirt, grime, and any other germs that may be lurking on your bottle.

Use two tablespoons of white vinegar, two drops of liquid soap, and half a cup of warm water to clean the bottle. Use a soft cloth and gently rub the surface in small circles. Cover the area completely in the solution before rinsing with cold running water. Pay attention to the rim of the mouth as this is where bacteria could hide.

For a more abrasive approach, you could go for a scrub made from baking soda. Baking soda has the same anti-microbial properties as vinegar. Therefore, it is a great cleaning agent for the exterior of the bottle.

It can cut through grease, bacteria, stickiness, and anything else that could cling to the surface of the bottle. To clean the surface using baking soda, create a paste using one part water and two parts baking soda. Rub the paste on the surface of the bottle evenly. Concentrate on parts with stuck grime and sticky substances. Then rinse well with cold water.

Cleaning The Interior Of The Bottle

Cleaning the interior of the bottle is the tricky part. You can’t reach all the way inside like you would a cup. Nonetheless, you must ensure that it is clean and free from any bacteria. If you do not clean the bottle properly, you can expect a bad smell as well as retention of flavors from liquids with a stronger flavor profile.

1) Vinegar

Use white vinegar to clean the bottle. Since you already know all the great properties of white vinegar, you can expect nothing but a clean and fresh bottle. Pour a few tablespoons of white vinegar into the bottle, then close the lid. Give the bottle a proper shake to ensure that it coats the inside properly. Don’t pour out the liquid yet; instead, fill the bottle halfway with warm water.

Take a bottle brush and scrub the insides thoroughly. Next, close the lid and shake the liquid in the bottle again. If you do not have a bottle brush, throw a soft cloth into the bottle, replace the lid and give it a good shake. Also, use a soft cloth to wipe the inside of the mouth to remove bacteria and dirt. Pour the solution, then add hot water for rinsing.

2) Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is another great cleaning agent for the interior of your metal water bottle. If you have any in your first aid kit, whip some out and watch it give your bottle a fresh clean. Food-grade hydrogen peroxide is a solution popular in the food industry for killing bacteria and other microorganisms, especially in food-packaging materials.

Before cleaning with hydrogen peroxide, rinse the bottle with hot water first. Then apply the hydrogen peroxide using a bottle brush, scrubbing carefully to remove grime and build-up. Rinse the metal bottle with hot water multiple times to ensure all remnants of hydrogen peroxide disappear.

Cleaning The Cap Of The Bottle

The lid of the bottle is the first indicator that your bottle needs a thorough cleaning. The lid will retain a bad smell indicating flavor retention and bacteria too. The lid could also hold a lot of dirt and grime. Sometimes, it could even hold a slimy feel.

To clean the lid of the bottle, soak it in a solution of baking soda and water. Leave it there for two to three hours to loosen any dirt and penetrate the hard-to-reach spots. After some time, rinse the lid with a dish soap and hot water solution.

After this, you should get a Q-tip to remove any dirt lingering in the groves and hard-to-reach spots. Rinse in the hot water and dish soap solution as you remove dirt using the Q-tip. When you finish, rinse with hot water, and your lid is ready to protect the content of your bottle.

Alternatively, you could soak the cap in vinegar for 15 minutes if you do not mind the smell. This will also get rid of the musty smell coming from the cap.

Pro Tip: If your metal water bottle comes with a straw, you can use these same cleaning supplies to clean the straw. You can also use dish soap to clean the straw. Additionally, a pipe cleaner will help to scrub the inside of the straw. Moreover, after washing the bottle, lid, and straw, you should let them air dry. Air drying not only ensures that all moisture dries from the bottle but will also help to get rid of any musty odor. Besides this, you should have an easy time caring for your metal water bottle.


7 Benefits of the New Square Bottle from Disruptive Drinkware

Have you considered purchasing the new square bottle from Disruptive Drinkware? If you haven’t, then you should start right now. This innovative square bottle promises to substantially shake up the status quo in hydration bottles. The special square body is just one of the features you will love. The Disruptive Drinkware square bottle is ideal for outdoor adventures such as hiking and camping. In addition, this bottle proves to serve travelers and people with an active lifestyle. Furthermore, there are several advantages you will enjoy once you purchase this extraordinary bottle. Keep scrolling if you are ready for a list of delightful benefits of owning one of these bottles.

1. It Keeps Drinks At Optimum Temperatures

On a hot summer’s day, you look forward to taking a sip of cold refreshing water. It is why you even add ice cubes in the water to keep it cool throughout the day. But, unfortunately, after sitting on your desk or car, the temperatures cause the bottle to warm up. So what was once a cool drink becomes an unpleasant warm beverage. This is a problem with single-wall bottles, aluminum bottles, plastic bottles, copper bottles, and glass bottles, and even double-wall bottles.

On cold nights during a camping trip, something similar happens. You heat a beverage, store it in the bottle for drinking at night to keep you warm. Unfortunately, you meet a cooled-down drink.

The square bottle solves both of these problems thanks to the triple-wall technology in the construction. It has three layers for better insulation. Therefore, it keeps drinks at optimum temperatures without showing signs of sweating or warmth on the surface.

2. It Provides A Hard Durable Surface

If you have owned a water bottle before, you probably know that plastic is not the most durable material. Glass can easily break, and plastic is more robust, but it is also prone to breaking. Unfortunately, this means potential damage to your bottle whenever you travel, go hiking, camping, or even just go to the office.

You need a water bottle that can sustain the daily challenges of everyday use. This new square bottle is made with a food-grade stainless steel inner wall which is the first wall. The second wall comes when the inner wall is covered from top to bottom with copper and the space between the copper and the outer wall is vacuum-sealed. And finally, the outer wall (third wall) is also made of stainless steel and is covered with Freddy’s Outer Wall Tough Technology. The outer wall comes in different grades of steel thickness. We believe that our bottle outer wall is the thickest, toughest of them all. Therefore we know the most desired temperature and the thickness and toughest of the outer wall plus the copper makes the bottle a few ounces heavier but is very important at retaining your drink’s temperature and preventing damage to the bottle.

3. It Is Quiet

Have you ever used a metal water bottle before? If you haven’t, then you should know that they can be noisy. Placing a metal bottle on a surface makes some noise. Additionally, when they fall, they are louder than other bottles.

This can be an inconvenience when you are at the library or in a shared workspace. Nobody likes a noisy neighbor. This new square bottle has the Freddy’s Noise Dampening Slide Resistant Silicone Bottom design that ensures you are not among the noisemakers. It has a durable silicone base that drowns out most sounds when it comes in contact with a surface.

4. It Has A Handy Carrying Handle

Some people love the big bottles because they are active water drinkers. However, they have to deal with the fact that it is harder to carry. Additionally, some water bottle designs do not facilitate portability. There is nothing to hold on to, making it harder to carry on days you do not have a bag.

With this new bottle, you will enjoy a comfortable, handy handle to help with portability. The bottle comes with a carrying handle meant to fit your palm, not your finger/s and it’s made with durable materials to help you carry the bottle. The handle is also strong for personal comfort.

5. It is excellent for the environment

Currently, 50 billion single-use plastic water bottles are used in America every year. Yes, 50 billion. And in 10 years, that’s 500 billion. And in just 20 short years, that’s over ONE TRILLION. Where are they going to go? According to most researchers, only 7-10% of Americans recycle. It’s a discussion that must start now. Plastic is not biodegradable. All this leads to waste.

In this conversation, no one talks about on their websites how to solve the problem or comes up with a solution for the 50 billion yearly consumption of plastic bottles. They sell bottles. What good is it in reducing the 50 billion yearly bottles if we take a cold plastic bottle out of the fridge, pour it on our stainless steel bottle? It’s still a single water bottle purchase. So one of Fred’s personal goals is to expand the availability of fill stations from schools, college campuses, office buildings, factories as well throughout the country. THEN WE START REDUCING THE USE OF SINGLE-USE WATER PLASTIC BOTTLES.

6. It is non-slip/roll

Bottles tip over and fall all the time especially when they are empty. Someone could knock it over or shake the table too much, and your bottle will fall and roll away. Not only is it an inconvenience, but the bottle could sustain damage, and you will be shopping for a new one in no time. However, with this new square bottle, you do not have to worry about this.

First, it is essential to recognize that the bottle has a square shape. So even if it falls or tips over, it is not going anywhere; square shapes don’t roll! Next, the base comes with silicone material. This helps to grip any surface better, lessening the chances of tipping over, especially when it is empty.

7. It is healthier for you

Finally, this bottle is healthier for you. Polycarbonate plastic contains Bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical compound harmful to your health. Some manufacturers produce water bottles from this type of plastic. When exposed to the sun, this and other chemicals leach into the water.

With time, it will affect your health negatively. Using a stainless steel container ensures that you do not come in contact with any harmful chemicals. Therefore, this bottle will keep you healthier than plastic bottles.