Dee & Ida Foundation

$1,000 raised

Taking people’s challenges and turning them into OPPORTUNITIES

Although I am self-admittedly biased, DEE and IDA Smith were two of the kindest, most thoughtful, generous, and caring people who ever lived. They were the first to respond to whatever call for help that went out.

They have given millions of dollars away to hospitals, universities, and foundations. In addition, they have always paid 10% of their gross income to their church and provided funds for the church building fund and the missionary fund. 

DEE and IDA were a simple, humble, and beautiful couple who led by example to the tremendous personal joys of giving back.

The board of directors will consist of individuals who admire and are familiar with DEE and IDA story. They will share the same passion for helping and giving that DEE and IDA had.

There is rarely a week that goes by where a family member does not run into someone who speaks about how DEE or IDA helped them and changed their life. 

In honor of the DEE and IDA foundation, Disruptive Drinkware pledges to donate 1 dollar for every bottle sold. All the money will be used primarily to help those who genuinely need the help. The foundation will always be open to requests nationwide, and its board of directors will meet to discuss where the foundation can provide further aid. The foundation is not cause-specific and will strive to help individuals in all types of unfortunate situations, enabling us all to watch the great rewards of people who have benefited from the foundation. 

We hope you join us in making a difference in the life of someone. My father’s favorite saying was, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.