Disruptive Drinkware Bottle: Benefits of the Triple Wall Technology

When selecting a water bottle for camping, traveling, hiking, or even everyday use, you will come across multiple options. Further research will show you that stainless steel bottles with layered protections and insulation are the best.

Why? For starters, they present zero toxicity. Stainless steel has no toxicity, unlike plastic bottles that may contain bisphenol A. (BPA). BPA is a chemical that, over time, leaches into your drink and causes health problems. But with layers of protection, there are fewer chances of external toxins.

Secondly, layered insulated bottles retain the temperature of the drink. The bottle traps heat or cold between the layers. This allows the drink to remain cold or hotter for longer. This is useful for summer days and winter nights.

Not All Bottles Are Made Equal

It is important to note that not all stainless steel water bottles are the same. Many stainless steel bottles with multiple walls often come with double-wall technology. This means that they have two layers of protection.

This often means that they can keep drinks cold for 24 hours or more. Additionally, they keep beverages hot for 13 hours or so. This is especially beneficial for camping and hiking trips. Plus, it ensures that you stay cool during summer days. However, the innovative design of the new square bottle from Disruptive Drinkware comes with triple wall construction. This design, plus a few other additions to improve insulation, makes it superior to regular stainless steel bottles.

It’s the ultimate outdoor activity bottle. Once you go Drinkware, you never go back.

Benefits of the Triple Wall Technology

The new square bottle from Disruptive Drinkware has Freddy’s Triple Wall technology. This includes three layers of protective material plus vacuum insulation. Keep reading to explore the structure further and learn about its benefits.

1. Thick external wall
The structure features a steel outer wall of stainless steel which is thick and durable. This gives it extra strength to withstand external impact. Therefore, expect excellent resistance to dents.

Additionally, this tough exterior is resistant to scratching thanks to Powder Freddy’s Tough Coat. This coat is durable and helps protect the bottle from scratches and dents.

Should it sustain a few scratches, you do not need to worry. Stainless steel has a fantastic property that allows the bottle to ‘heal’ itself. Therefore, those scratches will disappear with time.

This feature also ensures that the bottle retains the same luster as when it was new. It’s almost like the bottle does not age.

2. Powder coating
Additionally, the powder coat and stainless steel surface give you a non-slip grip on the bottle even when wet. This goes a long way in preventing accidents.

3. Vacuum insulation
Between the first and second layers is a vacuum space. This is what helps retain the temperature of the drink. The vacuum prevents heat from passing through. The walls then act as a barrier to prevent the temperature from escaping.

This bottle will therefore keep your drinks cold or hot for a long time. Additionally, the exterior wall ensures that there’s no condensation. It also prevents the bottle from feeling warm to the touch when holding hot liquids.

4. Copper coating
The second layer is a copper coating, a feature rarely found in stainless steel water bottles with double walls. This layer ensures that the bottle retains the content’s temperature for longer than 24 hours.

The inner copper wall reflects back heat radiation. This greatly reduces heat loss due to radiation. It acts as a heat-insulating layer.

5. Internal stainless steel coating
Finally, there is one more layer of stainless steel that houses the liquid. Unlike aluminum bottles, it does not have a lining. This is because stainless steel is non-toxic and therefore requires no protection for the drink.

This layer keeps your drink fresh. Additionally, it prevents the transfer of flavors, as is the problem with plastic water bottles. These types of bottles retain flavors and smell from previous liquids as you keep using them.

However, stainless steel does not have this problem. Therefore, every sip from this bottle is as refreshing as the last one. Your water will taste like water, and your coffee will taste like coffee. Moreover, the stainless steel interior makes it easy to clean.

Even on camping trips where you have limited access to cleaning supplies, you can rely on this bottle to give you an uncontaminated sip of your drink. A little rinsing with water, and you are good to go. No contaminating smells or flavors. For everyday cleaning, you don’t have to sweat. The bottle is entirely dishwasher safe. You will enjoy effortless maintenance.

The Leak-Proof Lid

While we are on the topic of insulation, it is essential to realize how important a leak-proof lid is. Most people do not realize it, but a weak cap affects the insulating power of the bottle. If it does not seal the bottle completely, it will let out the trapped hot or cool air.

That is why part of the excellent design of the new square Disruptive Drinkware bottle has a secure leak-proof lid. This lid properly seals the bottle, preventing air from escaping. This is just another innovative design to improve the water bottle experience for consumers.

In Conclusion, if you want a stainless steel bottle that stands out from the rest, then you should consider this square water bottle. Disruptive Drinkware took time to craft an incredible bottle that will change the reusable water bottle game. Soon enough, you will see these bottles among regular campers, hikers, and travelers. But it will not end there as people will replace their standard everyday water bottles with this superior option. Just be sure that you don’t pass up the opportunity to improve your experience.