The Story: Why We Exist 

Christi, Taylor and Brian were like a lot of kids. They were environmentally responsible by carrying re-usable water bottles to school and sports activities. But they had a problem. These bottles were BORING. They wanted to DISRUPT the market! What could they do about it? They were only kids.

Then, they had an idea. They thought of the most interesting man in their world; a guy who wears the brightest clothes, the craziest glasses and the wildest shoes. A man that is smart and creative, and that would listen to their idea. That man is Fred Smith, their grandfather. Bottles designed for families, by families! 

Together, they set out to design bottles with colors and shapes that the world had never seen. They were intent on disrupting the boring  bottle business. They came up with sports bottles because every parent makes their kid take water to practice and games. They love desserts (especially Taylor) so they designed bottles with pictures of their favorite treats. They love the wacky clothes that Fred wears so they designed a few bottles with crazy designs.

Like all grandfathers, Fred wanted the BEST for all his grandchildren. That meant the safest and highest quality bottles on the market. Fred went about making the dreams of the kids a reality by producing their designs on bottles he was proud to put his name on. He also made a few adult-friendly suggestions along the way - like adding a 25 ounce bottle that just happens to fit a whole bottle of wine! They were off and running!

Now they work every day to help people look good while they do good! Learning to give back was a value instilled in Fred from a very young age by his family and something he has done all his life. He wanted to continue to teach his grandkids this lesson. He set up the Dee and Ida Foundation in honor of his late parents, and a portion of every Disruptive Drinkware bottle sold will go to the Foundation benefiting select causes near to his heart.