Dee & Ida


The Dee & Ida Foundation focuses efforts and dollars on five causes that have impacted the Smith family personally. They family is committed to turning their struggles into positive outcomes for others.

Heart and Stroke

Fred and Elaine Smith tragically lost their daughter Christi to heart disease when she was just three years old. They spent those three years in and out of hospitals searching for a cure that simply did not exist.

Separately, Elaine has suffered from heart disease for most of her life. She has undergone two open heart surgeries and endured a massive stroke in 2011. Elaine’s resilience is an inspiration to Fred and to everyone in her life.


The Smith Family, like many families, has too much first-hand experience with cancer. Dee passed away from a brain tumor when he only 58 years old. Ida had breast cancer after her husband’s passing. She was successfully treated and stayed in remission for the remainder of her life. Fred underwent surgery and treatment for prostate cancer in 2014 and thankfully has remained cancer-free since then.

US Military

No one loves America more than Fred Smith! He proudly wears his patriotic colors as often as possible. The foundation is so grateful to all the military personnel and their families who served and continue to serve this great country.


Fred is proud of his nearly 40 years of sobriety and selflessly contributes his time as a stable, supportive sponsor to those looking to help themselves. He has seen the heartbreaking effects this disease can have on people of all ages and their families.

Autism and Alzheimer’s Disease

Although autism and Alzheimer’s have not impacted the immediate family personally, they have witnessed the heartbreak that comes with each through extended family, friends and their community. The foundation is committed to helping to help find a cure and as well as support those caring for their loved ones.