Shipping & Returns

US Shipping

When you want it, you want it. So, for the low price of $3.99, Disruptive Drinkware will have FedEx deliver your bottle within 48 hours from the time it is picked-up from our warehouse and shipped to your door.

Orders are shipped out Monday-Friday.

We deliver product anywhere in the U.S.


All returns must be related to a order. 

We do not offer returns on items purchased outside of Engraved bottles are non-refundable.

Under our lifetime guarantee, we do not require you to return the product, we only require you to email us a copy of your sales receipt and we will ship you a new bottle within 24 hours of receiving a copy of your invoice.

Unlike others, how can you return a bottle for any reason if you have not used it? That is why we do not require you to return your bottle.

When the new bottle is shipped, the customer is responsible for the $3.99 shipping fee because when you want it, you want it. The new bottle will be delivered via FedEx.

To receive a refund, customers must return bottles and accessories within 30 days of purchase in the original Disruptive Drinkware box and pay the shipping fee associated with the return.

Disruptive Drinkware Lifetime Warranty

Your disruptive drinkware hydration bottle is covered by a limited lifetime warranty. 

A. Its products are covered by this limited warranty.

This limited warranty extends to all stainless steel hydration bottles distributed by Disruptive Drinkware and purchased directly from Disruptive Drinkware or Disruptive Drinkware authorized retailers. Our bottles are designed for use solely as drinkware, this warranty does not cover your bottles if you use them in a manner incompatible with the intended use.

B. Who this warranty extends to:

It extends to the original purchaser of any Disruptive Drinkware bottle or in the case of a gift, the original recipient of the bottles (the original purchaser) for the purpose of this warranty is the first purchaser of the bottle from a disruptive drinkware or authorized retailer and the warranty applies only to the original purchaser.


Disruptive Drinkware limited warranty are not transferable and are not applicable to the use of the bottle for commercial purposes.

C. Disruptive Drinkware limited warranty and responsibility:

Disruptive Drinkware warrants the bottles sole to you against any defect in the lid, the bottle, the handle, any propriety of the hot and cold commitment or workmanship. When the bottle is used for its intended purpose.

D. What the lifetime limited warranty covers:

This limited warranty applies to the following defects:

Cracks or breaks in the bottle and or the lid, the loss of the bottle’s ability to maintain its hot or cold purpose, the silicone bottom or the handle.

The limited lifetime warranty does not cover the following:

Intentional damage to the bottle, bottles bought through a third party or any bottle other than the original purchaser. In the event of the defect, it will be at Disruptive Drinkware sole and exclusive remedy. Disruptive Drinkware will replace the bottle with another bottle of your choice if in the case your desired replacement bottle is out of inventory, you may pick an alternative bottle or wait for your desired bottle to be back in stock, Disruptive Drinkware will within 48 hours upon receiving your request accompanied by your proof of purchase will ship your replacement bottle.

E. Your responsibilities:

If Disruptive Drinkware requires your bottle to be returned to Disruptive Drinkware for analysis, Disruptive Drinkware will provide the shipping label for its return. Your new bottle will enjoy the same lifetime limited warranty as the original bottle.

F. Arbitration

In the event of the dispute between you and Disruptive Drinkware such dispute will be determined and settled solely by binding individual arbitration, and not in a class action or consolidated action. You and Disruptive Drinkware each waive the right to a trial by jury or participating in a class action.You may file the dispute in small claim’s court.

The arbitration will be conducted by the American Arbitration Association under its consumer arbitration rules, their number is 1800-778-7879. The AAA provides a form DEMAND for arbitration at

G. Payment of all filing administration and arbitrator fees and expenses.

If the arbitrator finds against you or dismisses your case, you’ll be responsible to pay for attorney fees and expenses of Disruptive Drinkware as will Disruptive Drinkware be responsible if the arbitrator finds against or dismisses the case, Disruptive Drinkware will be responsible to pay your attorney fees and expenses. Disruptive Drinkware as part of this limited warranty will only replace two bottles per person in their lifetime.

H. Governing law and forum choice

The limited warranty and any action related there to will be governed by the federal arbitration act, federal arbitration law, and the laws of the state of California without regard to its conflict of laws, provision.


I warrantor

F.E. Smith LLC D/B/A Disruptive Drinkware

2852 South Fairview Santa Ana California