Square Disruptive Drinkware: Water Bottle Problems It Solves

So you need to buy another water bottle, but you are already dreading the process? When making this decision, you will suddenly remember all the problems you faced with your previous water bottle. From a leaking lid to breaking upon impact. You may even start to wonder if sticking to disposable plastic bottles is better for your convenience.

No, it’s not. Disposable plastic bottles are polluters that harm the environment. Most of them barely see any recycling, which leads to more demand. The manufacturing process is also brutal on the environment. Every disposable plastic bottle ever made still exists today, and the numbers will rise if we do not make smarter decisions for the environment.

Reusable water bottles have their shortcomings. However, they are better for the environment, especially if you go with a metal one. Therefore, purchasing and using a reusable water bottle is the ideal way to reduce pollution, and it comes with the benefit of convenience to carry different beverages.

As for the shortcomings, you could always find a bottle that works against the common problems of some reusable water bottles. For example, you could consider the new square bottle from Disruptive Drinkware.

This stylish new bottle seeks to solve a lot of problems people commonly face with water bottles. This bottle stands out as the ideal travel, hiking, camping, and fishing bottle by solving these problems. It also serves as a great everyday bottle. Keep reading to find out how this unique bottle will change your entire attitude about reusable bottles.

The Problem Solver

  • Noise. One of the smaller but annoying problems with metal water bottles is that they are noisy. The sound of stainless steel against any surface can be a nuisance in some situations. Such as in the office or at a library. This square bottle solves this because the design features a silicone base. This base makes it less noisy and ideal for every situation.
  • Temperature control. Another problem that you may face with water bottles is that the liquid changes in temperature. If you leave your bottle in the sun, your cold water turns to an unpleasant warmth. Additionally, when camping, your hot beverage may not stay that way through the night. This new bottle has triple-wall technology meaning that it is insulated with three layers. This provides better insulation for your drinks with no sweating or warmth on the surface.
  • Rolling away. This is another common problem with round water bottles. If they tip over, they are more likely to roll away and, in the process, sustain damage. Because the new bottle comes in a unique square shape, it will not roll away. Additionally, thanks to the silicone base, chances of tipping over are minimal. The silicone provides a good grip on any surface.
  • Hard to pack. Another problem with round bottles is that they are harder to pack. The water bottles have no defined edges, so it is harder to pack them in a limited space. The square bottle from Disruptive Drinkware is easier to pack. This compact shape ensures that you can bring the bottle without sacrificing an item out of the bag.
  • Heavy. Reusable water bottles can be heavy, especially metal ones. This is a common problem because the heavier bottles are harder to transport. Most people want a lightweight bottle that is easy to move around with. While it is made from stainless steel, this metal water bottle retains a lightweight nature. It is not as heavy as other bottles since the square bottles use fewer materials.
  • Capacity. Capacity is a problem for some but not others. Some people want bottles with more capacity, while others prefer those with less. Moreover, small-capacity bottles are more popular in the winter, while large-capacity bottles are more popular in summer. The square bottle comes in two capacities to meet both of these needs, 25 oz. and 34 oz.
  • Surface damage. People avoid water bottles because they crack, break and sustain damage easily.Similarly, reusable plastic water bottles made from hard plastic break like glass bottles. The plastic squeeze bottles can also sustain tearing after use. With this square water bottle from disruptive drinkware, you never have to worry about these problems. It is made entirely from stainless steel. Stainless steel is strong, and therefore more resistant against impact. This material even heals itself after a while, should it sustain damage.
  • Portability. Traveling with a water bottle can be inconvenient, especially if it does not fit in your bag. It means you would have to move with it by hand, which can be an inconvenience. Additionally, some water bottles do not have a comfortable carrying port, so you would struggle to transport the bottle. This modern bottle comes with a comfortable carrying strap. This strap is adjustable to fit your needs. You can keep your hands free while staying hydrated on your trip.
  • Leaking. This is probably the worst thing you could experience from a water bottle. Leaking from the lid has more than once ruined the contents of a bag among many users. You have probably experienced this from a previous reusable water bottle. Say goodbye to this problem as this new bottle ensures that you never have to worry about leaking. Your bag could fall, and the bottle could tip over inside, and not a single drop will leave the bottle thanks to the leak-proof lid that comes with every new bottle. And the lid does not loosen with time. It retains the same reliable seal from the first time you bought it.
  • Misplacing. Lastly, if you are prone to misplacing your water bottles, the fun design of this bottle can help with that. Every bottle from Disruptive Drinkware comes with an exterior with bold and bright colors making the bottle easier to identify. Additionally, you can customize the strap and even the bottle lid to make it harder to misplace. And because of its exceptional beauty, you’ll want to keep it close to you to avoid it getting stolen or misplaced.