The Square Disruptive Drinkware Bottle is the Ideal Everyday Bottle

A few years ago, it seemed that reusable bottles only aided hikers, campers, and long-distant travelers. However, nowadays, almost everyone has a reusable water bottle. You will see them at work, in the gym, at school, and almost anywhere people need a personal supply of hydration drinking water.

Selecting an everyday bottle can be a challenge, because most consumers are tired of the status quo. These people are looking for convenience, functionality, and style all in one. Therefore the new square bottle is here for you and totally shakes up the status quo.

In fact, there are many hydration bottles in the market. However, we believe that the new square bottle from Disruptive Drinkware is by far the best everyday bottle because of its shape, lid, handle, though outer wall and silicone bottom.

What do you need from an everyday bottle?

  • Ease of portability. An everyday bottle means that you take it everywhere you go, from work to college classes, to the gym. After all, it is one of the reasons why you buy a reusable bottle. You need a personal water supply everywhere you go. The bottle should therefore be easy to transport.
  • Good capacity. Next, you want adequate capacity from your everyday water bottle. Most times, you can predict how much water you need to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Therefore, you need a bottle with a capacity that will not have you rushing for refills every now and then. Our Square bottle that comes in two capacities, 25 oz. and 34 oz.
  • Durable body. Since your bottle will face the everyday challenges of your schedule, you will need one with a durable body, from getting knocked over at the office, under the floor, accidentally falling on concrete to close brushes in public transit. There are many ways that the surface of your bottle could sustain damage. That’s why the Freddy’s tough coat outer-wall technology is your best choice.
  • Convenient lid. A lid that doesn’t require you to twist off to drink and twist back on to close. It proudly features a one finger click to sip and and a one finger click to seal technology.
  • Wide mouth. An everyday water bottle is not bottomless. There will come an instance when you may run out of water or your favorite beverage. When this happens, you have the convenience of refilling from a tap or dispenser. For this purpose, you need a water bottle with a wide mouth that facilitates easy refilling. Additionally, it allows you to add ice cubes and fruits as you desire.
  • Stylish exterior. Lastly, if you are going to bring a bottle with you everywhere you go, we believe it should be stylish and cool. Stylish bottles can achieve many things. It will help you look more at ease and approachable. It is a great conversation starter for first-time interactions and it could even blend into your personal style. A stylish bottle is a quirky thing that makes you more interesting. Each bottle from Disruptive Drinkware dawns bold and bright colors which comes in solid, two-tone and motivational messages. They stand out more, make excellent conversation starters and soon enough, everyone will be asking you about your bottle because it is so fun and unique.

To sum it up, now that you are searching for something that offers you something totally different starting with the square shape, to its unique one finger to open and seal technology, all the way to Freddy’s Noise Dampening Slide Resistant Silicone Bottom which is functional and durable all in one, look no further, you found the most brave, bold and remarkable bottle ever. Period.