The Most All-Inclusive and Self-Contained Bottle 

with NO add on’s needed.

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Stop Screwing Around!

Click-To-Sip & Click-To-Seal Technology

Click-To-Sip & Click-To-Seal Technology for easy drinking! One-finger button to open and close. No more screwing on/off to drink.


Triple Wall Technology

Vacuum insulated.  18/8 Pro-Grade stainless steel reinforced with copper coating for improved insulation. Comes standard on every Disruptive Drinkware Reusable Bottle. Keeps contents Hot 20+ hours, Cold 36+ Hours*.

Outer wall built with Freddy’s Tough Coat Technology


Unique and comfortable CARRYING HANDLE meant to fit your palm, not your finger

Freddy’s Noise-Dampening and Slide Resistant Silicone Bottom

Interchangeable Lids and Carrying Handles​
that fit your style
and personality​

Be Bold, Be Brave, Be REMARKABLE and choose a color combination that fits your style and personality.

& Bold Colors



At Disruptive Drinkware, we not only create truly remarkable products that positively impact consumers and sustainability, but ones that generate long-lasting impact on the lives of our neighbors.

The Dee and Ida Foundation has one clear mission: to take people’s challenges and turn them into positive outcomes. Whether we aid in LGBTQ inclusion, human rights, suicide prevention, veteran & veteran-family assistance, cancer research & innovation, our products are expanding the limits of creativity while paying it forward in success.


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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Your disruptive drinkware hydration bottle is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.
A. Its products are covered by this limited warranty.
This limited warranty extends to all stainless steel hydration bottles distributed by Disruptive
Drinkware and purchased directly from Disruptive Drinkware or Disruptive Drinkware authorized
retailers. Our bottles are designed for use solely as drinkware, this warranty does not cover your
bottles if you use them in a manner incompatible with the intended use.
B. Who this warranty extends to:
It extends to the original purchaser of any Disruptive Drinkware bottle or in the case of a gift, the
original recipient of the bottles (the original purchaser) for the purpose of this warranty is the first
purchaser of the bottle from a disruptive drinkware or authorized retailer and the warranty
applies only to the original purchaser.
Disruptive Drinkware limited warranty are not transferable and are not applicable to the use of
the bottle for commercial purposes.
C. Disruptive Drinkware limited warranty and responsibility:
Disruptive Drinkware warrants the bottles sole to you against any defect in the lid, the bottle, the
handle, any propriety of the hot and cold commitment or workmanship. When the bottle is used
for its intended purpose.
D. What the lifetime limited warranty covers:
This limited warranty applies to the following defects:
Cracks or breaks in the bottle and or the lid, the loss of the bottle’s ability to maintain its hot or
cold purpose, the silicone bottom or the handle.
The limited lifetime warranty does not cover the following:
Intentional damage to the bottle, bottles bought through a third party or any bottle other than the
original purchaser. In the event of the defect, it will be at Disruptive Drinkware sole and
exclusive remedy. Disruptive Drinkware will replace the bottle with another bottle of your choice
if in the case your desired replacement bottle is out of inventory, you may pick an alternative
bottle or wait for your desired bottle to be back in stock, Disruptive Drinkware will within 48
hours upon receiving your request accompanied by your proof of purchase will ship your
replacement bottle.

E. Your responsibilities:
If Disruptive Drinkware requires your bottle to be returned to Disruptive Drinkware for analysis,
Disruptive Drinkware will provide the shipping label for its return. Your new bottle will enjoy the
same lifetime limited warranty as the original bottle.
F. Arbitration
In the event of the dispute between you and Disruptive Drinkware such dispute will be
determined and settled solely by binding individual arbitration, and not in a class action or
consolidated action. You and Disruptive Drinkware each waive the right to a trial by jury or
participating in a class action.You may file the dispute in small claim’s court.
The arbitration will be conducted by the American Arbitration Association under its consumer
arbitration rules, their number is 1800-778-7879. The AAA provides a form DEMAND for
arbitration at www.adr.org.
G. Payment of all filing administration and arbitrator fees and expenses.
If the arbitrator finds against you or dismisses your case, you’ll be responsible to pay for
attorney fees and expenses of Disruptive Drinkware as will Disruptive Drinkware be responsible
if the arbitrator finds against or dismisses the case, Disruptive Drinkware will be responsible to
pay your attorney fees and expenses. Disruptive Drinkware as part of this limited warranty will
only replace two bottles per person in their lifetime.
H. Governing law and forum choice
The limited warranty and any action related there to will be governed by the federal arbitration
act, federal arbitration law, and the laws of the state of California without regard to its conflict of
laws, provision.